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 Helping Hands:  A “handy man” service, provided by various men of the church body (i.e.  carpentry, plumbing, mechanical, etc).   This service is provided to people of the church body, and surrounding community who may need such services, due to poor health or financial hardships.


Lansing Rescue Mission :  Youth group members will volunteer time as a group, at certain dates throughout the year, to help prepare/serve food to the homeless and underpriveledged.

nursing-home.jpgNursing Home Visits/Presentations:  Members will volunteer an afternoon (typically Saturday afternoon) to visit an area nursing home.   The group will spend time visiting with the residents and singing old songs/hymns, and playing instruments.

mentoring-2.jpgYouth Mentoring Program:   Young people (highschool age) are paired with adults of same gender, for a 1-on-1 mentoring relationship, with time spent together in a variety of situations and activities that will help to build a relationship between the mentor and the “mentee.”   The primary purpose would be to encourage/promote the spiritual development of the next generation.

box_photos-2.jpgSpring Vale Academy:    Our church facility is located right on the campus of Spring Vale Academy.  This allows frequent  opportunities for members of our chuch family to do volunteer work at the school…involvement with student activities, repair work on buildings, etc.  Everyone has a talent, or “gift”…that special something that God put in each of us (you know what your “gift” is).   Volunteer your time to use that “gift” to serve the students and the operation of the school, and make a difference.   For more information about Spring Vale Academy, please visit their website

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