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From Pastor Tim: Trust…Delight…Commit

Posted by cog7owosso on January 14, 2008


TRUST…DELIGHT…COMMIT…    There are some verses in Psalm 37 that have these words trailed by great promises and wonderful blessings! To consider that you and I can live full, rich lives here-now, who wouldn’t step up to that opportunity?


We can count on God to provide for our every need, in every area of our life. God desires good for all of us, He finds no pleasure in our pain. Listen to this, God even says”…I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked…”(Eze.33:11) His desire is that they turn from evil and do good. Why? To live, be sustained, to live prosperously! God is ready and waiting to bless you and to bless me. He will feed us from the riches of glory, can you believe? Do Right – Rely on Him. (TRUST)


Think with me for a minute…the desires of my heart – what are they? How awesome it would be to realize all the desires of my heart! Well, the goals that we’ve set, things to attain, places to go, all that we want to achieve, God promises to give us the desires of our heart. Maybe we should make a list, “things to see accomplished”, then follow the scripture and begin to JOY in the Lord. Look out though, as we find ourselves truly enjoying God, He not only gives us the desire of our heart He causes those desires to conform to His will.(DELIGHT)


To dedicate our lives to God, simple to speak – easy to write, does anyone else out there have trouble with the follow through? Even considering those great promises and wonderful blessings I mentioned before, it’s still a challenge to lean always to the way of the Lord. Oh that the benefit would strongly draw us, draw our “way”(Ps.37:5, actions & behavior) to the way of God. Here is what I’m thinking, and we can all do this…lets establish this as our predetermined choice…to cast all that we are, our complete self, upon God.(COMMIT)

    Campus Youth Pastor Tim Hinds


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