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Upcoming Revival Services with Pastor Lennox Abrigo

Posted by cog7owosso on October 23, 2007

When:  November 7 – 10

Theme:  Standing in God’s Presence, Headless

Theme Scripture:  Romans 1:19, 20

Goal:  To make us aware of the biblical teaching that thinking logically is the mental process God designed to help us know what is true, and that spiritual experiences with God always reveal truth.

Topics for Each Service: 

  • Wednesday evening – Does God speak Scientifically?
  • Thursday evening – God expects you to think Logically
  • Friday evening – Did God contradict Himself?
  • Saturday morning – What’s good about morality?

WHO Is Pastor Lennox Abrigo?   

Pastor Abrigo is a successful Evangelist, exciting bible teacher and credible scholar. Audiences around the world have noted the convincing manner in which the Spirit uses him to clarify tough biblical issues. As a result, he is highly respected within several Christian denominations as an effective Christian leader and communicator. 

 A native son of Guyana, South America, Lennox accepted Christ as Savior and Lord from early youth and has been in ministry ever since. While there, he also taught English and Math in the public school system as well as became a successful entrepreneur. God anointed him to conduct many crusades over the years, which gave birth to several new congregations.  This manservant has also been the channel of many glorious miracles of deliverance seen in the body of Christ. 

Pastor Abrigo began his academic training in Evangelism at Caribbean Union College, and was ordained in 1976, before migrating to North America. Once here, he continued his education at Columbia Union College, Maryland, in the fields of Education and Theology. This training enabled him to develop and write a curriculum designed to help lay members and pastors acquire the techniques of successful evangelism and church management, which was used by several congregations. He is currently pursuing studies in Philosophy and Christian Apologetics.

Committed to a demanding travel schedule, Evangelist Abrigo has conducted crusades in Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Antigua, Philadelphia and New York. He has also served for many years as Director of Church Growth and Ministerial Development in the Eastern Caribbean. Writing and lecturing are also included in his life work.

For the past 33 years, Lennox has been married to his wife, Pamela –   together they have 5 precious children. They live and minister in Maryland where Pastor Abrigo currently serves as the Associate Pastor of his congregation. He enjoys walking, swimming, reading, music, cricket, soccer and fruitful exchanges of ideas. 

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