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Posted by cog7owosso on August 6, 2007



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Inventory Before Going Further:

On the last day of 2007, I ordered a book via the internet. On January 2,
I received an e-mail that explained my order would be filled as soon as
they completed inventory. That the book should be shipped about January

Hold everything! Do I see a marvelous spiritual principle here? Is it
reasonable that I look at where I am spiritually at this point before
launching into activity ahead?

Taking inventory is common for marketing businesses at the opening of a
calendar year. The same is a good idea for all of us in the “business” of
living for the Lord.

As the Lord’s representatives, offering His benefits to others, we must
ourselves have a healthy inventory of assets (gifts) to employ in our
work. To offer benefits to men and women we meet without having them “in
stock” ourselves is poor business.

This morning I prayed for a lengthy list on my “Intercessory Prayer
List.” How futile unless my inventory is adequate to keep “the doors of
the business open!”

How’s your inventory today?


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