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Why was this Internet site created?

Posted by cog7owosso on July 14, 2007

We are organizing this Internet site as a tool of communication, on behalf of the Owosso Church of God (Seventh Day).    This is not a true webpage.  Rather, it is a “Blog” (a Web “log” of entries & material) which has been designed to have the look & feel of a regular Webpage.    We chose this format due to its very minimal cost to operate/maintain, and it is easily updated by church personnel (rather than a Webpage vendor).   This was developed as an effort to provide an online means of communicating information relative to the church operation, announcements,  upcoming events, as well as reporting on past events of interest (overviews, pictures, etc). 

The intended audience of this site would be local members of the church body, as well as anyone who may have interest in our organization. 

Many of us are using computers on a daily basis.   They have become an integral part of how we conduct business and exchange information.    This medium of communication is simply an “option” for those who are comfortable with such.

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